ULT Freezers

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers- Whenever you are storing Ultra Low Temperatures, you need reliability, performance, and up-to-date technology. ULT storage has come a long way, and new energy-efficient technology and refrigerants have made these units more efficient than your home residential units. Let’s go through sizing, and we will ensure you have the best unit at your facilities.


When space is not an issue, the chest freezers offer a high volume capacity and high sample protection. They have around 20% more usable space and have slower warm-up times during any power failure. Let us know if the chest ULT units are an option for you.

MDF-C8V1 | MDF-DC700 (TWINGUARD) | Thermo


Upright ULT Freezers perform to the highest reliability, sustainability, and temperature management standards. They are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures necessary for temperature-sensitive material. All compliant with the U.S. EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) and energy efficiency (Energy Star Rated) to have lower operational costs and less environmental impact.

PHCbi-TWINGuard | PHCbi-VIP-ECO | Thermo-TSX

Large Capacity

Units designed for higher volume storage, made for large bio-repository in mind. The equipment intended for long-term storage solutions.

PHCbi-VIP-Eco-MDF-901 | Thermo- TSX


-150 Cryogenic Storage Unit – MDF-C2156VANC

The PHCbi brand -150°C cryogenic freezer offers air phase cryogenic storage without the need for liquid nitrogen as the primary cooling medium. The hybrid auto-cascade refrigeration system delivers superior uniformity at cryogenic temperatures without stratification.

LN2 backup included.