Centrifuges are machines that use centrifugal force to separate substances of different densities or to purify liquids. They work by spinning a sample at high speed, causing the denser components to separate from the less dense ones. There are several types of centrifuges, including benchtop centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges, and ultracentrifuges. Each type has specific features and capabilities, making them suitable for different applications.

Mini & Micro Model

Similar to benchtop and floor models, mini and centrifuges are used in environmental, chemical, molecular biology and medical research, and are an essential for most any lab. Typically designed to spin down micro centrifuge or PCR tubes, they are compact, affordable, and work quickly.


Benchtop centrifuges are smaller and more affordable than other types of centrifuges, making them a popular choice for labs and research facilities. They are designed for lower-speed separations and are often used for routine sample preparation tasks.


When needing to keep your benchtop workspace free we offer floor model centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing for routine laboratory procedures. Call today to get the correct configuration required for you process needs.


Centrifuges will only work with your process if you have the right tools. Centrifuge accessories are probable the most critical part of the centrifuge selection process. Ensuring you have the right rotors, buckets and inserts for you application will be the top priority from our team assessing what centrifuge to recommend.