CO2 cell growth, Heated Microbiology, and Refrigerated High-Performance incubators designed with science in mind to keep your results consistent. Our incubators help our scientists focus on the results and less on the unit upkeep. Let us know your application, and we can get you a suitable unit.

Heated Incubators

Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubators

Incubators include a unique 140°C decontamination routine, a lockable incubator door with restricted access alarms, and automatic over- and under-temperature alarms. Models are available with a stainless-steel exterior, offering an easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant surface that meets the demanding needs of pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories. Incubators come in 2.3, 3.7, 6.3, 13.5 & 25 cu ft volume sizes.

Refrigerated Incubators

Refrigerated incubators and cooled incubators maintain a constant temperature based on cooling requirements for research. Typical temperature settings range from -50°C to 65°C based on the different types of testing performed. The units offered are designed on precision, reliability, and now energy star ratings!

MIR-254 | MIR-554 | Thermo


CO2 Incubators

CO2 incubators built as sealed, climate-controlled chambers used in life science laboratories to grow biological cell cultures. They are required to maintain the same conditions as inside the human body. We provide different solutions based on budget, process, and reliability.

MCO-80IC | MCO-170 | MCO-230AICUVL | Thermo