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Colony Counters

High technology automatic colony counters With a digital camera and high technology software, they can be linked to a PC via a USB connection. They count all colonies on a Petri dish in less than 1 second and provide a complete, fast, accurate and traceable reading of the result

Inter Science Scan Range

Gravimetric Dilutors

DiluFlow® gravimetric dilutors enable the automatic dilution of the sample with perfect reliability. DiluFlow provides quick accurate, reproducible dilutions with features that include open bag security and traceability to connect with LIMS, a printer or export to excel.

Interscience Diluflowrange


easySpiral Dilute is an automatic diluter and plater of Petri dishes. It allows 1/10th serial dilutions and plating up to 6 log. dilution on 1 single Petri dish. For a sample of 30 to 1 x 1012 bacteria, no more manual dilutions and plating is automatic.

Inter Science easySpiral Range


BagMixer lab blenders ensure optimal bacterial extraction in less than 60 seconds.
The BagMixer paddle blenders are used for microbiological analyses in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, veterinary industries and in public research institutes. They are used for the preparation of samples for quality control of raw materials, products in production and the control of finished products.

Interscience bag mixer 400