General Lab Equipment

Everyday use equipment that we always find in the lab is when reliability gives piece of mind. Our General lab equipment supplier makes sure you won’t need to worry about the time your hotplate takes to get hot. We provide you with the top shakers, vortex mixers, hotplates, stirrers and dry baths to keep your team moving forward and focused on the sample not the equipment.


Digital Vortex Mixers

Designed for accurate speed control for continuous mixing or pulsing of samples


Benchmark & Thermo Scientific Hot Plates, Stirrers and Stirring Hotplates

The success of your work depends upon precision and control. The Thermo Scientific Series deliver results with an extensive selection of hot plates, stirrers, and stirring hot plates.


Dry Bath/Block Heater

Designed to achieve precise temperature stability and uniformity with an easy-to-use touch screen controller. With 1, 2 and 4 block models, a broad range of heat blocks and a wide temperature range of ambient +5°C to 130°C, you’re sure to find the dry bath to fit your application demands

Tube Rotators

Rotating Mixer provides gentle to vigorous mixing of laboratory samples up to 50mL. With adjustable speed control and tilt angle, the rotating mixer is ideal for a variety of applications, from mixing blood samples to the preparation of homogenous dispersions.

Tube Rollers

Benchmark TubeRollers are designed for the gentle, thorough mixing of a variety of containers, including Vacutainers™, bottles, test tubes, centrifuge tubes, and roller bottles. Both models feature variable speed control (2-80 rpm), suitable for the broadest range of mixing applications.


Trust your samples to a reliable shaker, rocker, or rotator

With a wide range of offerings—including analog or digital; open air, incubated, or refrigerated; and benchtop, floor, and stackable models—Thermo Scientific orbital shakers, rockers, and rotators are designed to deliver outstanding performance, accuracy, and reproducible results for all your application needs

Tube Rockers

The TubeRocker Mini is designed to provide the ideal
speed and tilt angle (24 rpm / 30°) for agitation of sample
tubes. The grooved design of the included rubber mat
properly secures all tube sizes ranging from 1.5 to 50ml,
without the use of added straps or bands.

The RotoBot Rotating Mixers feature advanced programming options that far surpass that of the
traditional laboratory rotator. With digital speed control and more than 10 operating modes, the
RotoBot can be selected to perform a wide variety of rotating, mixing and vibrating actions. In
addition, these actions can be combinesd in succession, using the C1 and C2 “Custom Modes”
providing the user with a nearly infinite level of programming