Our Microscope supplier provides superior optical performance, ergonomic, modern form factor. These are the three guiding principles followed when ideating about our microscopes for use in schools, labs, and workshops. See what shape and form our ideas have taken in our line of products designed to deliver quality in the most demanding of environments.


In an upright microscope, the source of transmitted light and the condenser are located below the stage, pointing up. The objectives are placed on top of the stage, pointing down. The specimen is observed from the top. We have a great life science offering, tell us your application and schedule a demo.

CXL | LX-400 | LX500


A stereo microscope is used for low-magnification applications, allowing high-quality, 3D observation of subjects that are normally visible to the naked eye. In life science stereo microscope applications, this could involve the observation of insects or plant life. We offer simple units to camera included units, let us know your application to get the best stereo microscope you require.

Luxeo2S | Luxeo4z | Luxeo6z


Inverted Microscopes

Inverted microscopes are constructed with the tip of the objective pointing upward so as to view the specimen from below. The objective is underneath the stage and light is directed on the specimen from above. This type of microscope is suitable for viewing culture vessels such as Petri dishes. See more about the models we offer.

Met400 | TCM400

Camera, Accessories

Labomed – Cameras:

Choose between 2 camera options with up to 16 Megapixel digital solution. The Atlas and Vega cameras can be adapted to be used with our upright and inverted Microscopes that boasts one of the fastest frame rates per resolution in its class, providing a high definition image, and unparalleled accuracy in color reproduction.

Medical Dental

Medical and Dental Microscopes-

A rapidly growing global population in search of quality, affordable health care has created a call to action for design houses like ours. Delivering a feature rich, superior quality product within reach across the otolaryngology, eye care, gynecology & dental market sectors is the charter we have risen to meet. See how we can help deliver better clinical, surgical and dental outcomes