Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Ovens

Carry out multiple applications with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Ovens, which include a sophisticated timer, precise temperature uniformity and low energy-consumption. Featuring mechanical or gravity convection technology with excellent temperature values, This flexible tool for the lab may be used for multiple applications, volumes from 3.5 cuft – 25 cu ft ovens.

Vacuum Ovens

Achieve maximum temperatures of 220°C (428°F) with Thermo Scientific™ Vacuum Ovens, while benefiting from two control configurations and display options. These ovens feature independent vacuum and purge needle valves. Radiant warm-wall heating system optimizes uniformity and conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding and plating applications.


Thermo Scientific Furnaces.

Designed with safety in mind, Thermo Scientific furnaces offer temperature ranges from 1100° to 1700°C, temperature control options to meet your application needs, as well as features that help you perform the most critical, as well as everyday applications