Pharmaceutical Reference Standards

The US Food and Drug Administration defines a reference-standard material as a "highly purified compound that is well characterized."  Scientists performing analytical testing require the use of reference standards to determine quantitative as well as qualitative data. Caribbean Scientific supplies ensure the quality and purity of reference standards; therefore, as we are aware of how critical they are for reaching scientifically valid results.

Total Organic Carbon

TOC reference standards. 

Developed under ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations, we offer a comprehensive line of calibration, validation, and system suitability standards designed to verify your TOC instrument’s performance. Regardless of the manufacturer, ERA has TOC standards explicitly designed for the instruments in your facility.

Conductivity Standards

We offer solutions and kits that support accurate, verifiable, and approved approaches to validating and verifying your conductivity sensors, whether you are validating detection limits, determining accuracy and precision, or constructing a low-level linearity curve.

Cleaning validation

Cleaning validation has received increasing attention not only in manufacturing but also in research and development. Prevalidation feasibility studies and method development must be performed to ensure that your sampling techniques meet established acceptance criteria. ERA is your source for coupons, swabs, templates, and vials – everything you need for recovery studies to routine verification sampling.