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Qualitative QC Micro Organism Formats

KWIK-STIK™, KWIK-STIK™ Plus and LYFO DISK™ microorganisms are intended to be used as controls to verify the performance of assays, reagents or media that are intended to be used in microbial testing for the detection and identification of a cultured microorganism isolate. All reference material is accredited under ISO 17034 standard, cultures are traceable to reference cultures to ensure authenticity and packages are refrigerated for easy and economical storage.

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Quantitative QC Micro Oganisms

Lyophilized Quantitative Microorganisms used in industrial laboratories for quality control purposes. Organisms that are accredited reference material under ISO 17034 standard and strains that are less than or equal to three passages from reference culture to comply with USP/Ph. Eur./JP requirements, as well as traceable to the reference cultures to ensure authenticity. All formats are stored in a 2-8°C for easy and economical storage.

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Molecular diagnostic tests offer rapid and specific information regarding the presence and quantity of a microorganism (e.g., bacterium, parasite, virus, etc). Development and proper interpretation of a molecular diagnostic test requires the use of a positive control. A positive control confirms the proper performance of a molecular assay and operator. Synthetic Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards are nucleic acids created for use as positive control surrogates for various microorganisms and viruses where target genomic material may be difficult or unsafe to obtain.

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Custom Solutions

Your strain. Your format. Your convenience.Tracking and trending environmental microbial isolates is a growing concern for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device, personal care product and food manufacturing laboratories. The FDA continues to issue warning letters and observations regarding inadequate environmental isolate testing. This has prompted many laboratories to include these strains in their compendial testing requirements such as disinfectant efficacy, growth promotion, method suitability and qualification, and antimicrobial effectiveness challenges. Microbiologics provides Custom Solutions comes in a full menu of services for environmental isolate management, from identification and characterization, to preservation and storage, and even manufacturing in any of our ready-to-use formats for QC testing; partner with us to reduce cost, minimize risk and increase confidence in your environmental monitoring program.

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