Vaccine Storage

DESIGNED FOR VACCINE, PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL PRODUCT STORAGE PHCbi brand refrigerators and freezers specifically designed to create and maintain the precise temperatures needed for the safe storage of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Designed to comply with ANSI, NIST, NSF, CDC, VFC, and WHO.

Undercounter Storage Units

Smaller units for safe storage of vaccines, for use in areas where there is a smaller volume of vaccines but designed with the same specifications to comply with all governing bodies.

Three to five cubic foot units with temperature controls for refrigerators between +2°C to +8°C and for freezers between -15°C to -25°C.

Combo Units

Combo Refrigerator/Freezer cabinets are popular for installations where space is limited. Both refrigeration and freezer functions are self-contained and independently controlled in separate compartments with individual doors.
Refrigerator Features
• Includes dual glass viewing window
• Positive internal airflow maintains precise top-to-bottom temperature uniformity to protect stored product in every location within the refrigerator
Freezer Features
• Cold wall cooling system
• Manual defrost