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It is not too often an Ultra-Low freezer is acquired; usually, robust, durable equipment is currently still in service. However, we still see units that have been in operation for over 20 years operating strongly, suggesting they want to go 20 more! Though pretty unlikely, the technology in Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers has been updated significantly in the past couple of years. Therefore, we wanted to give you a guideline of what information you should go through to get the correct freezer for you. Once you read click the link to see our offering.



To start with any storage solution, you primarily need to consider the volume you will need, which would translate to the number of items you will be storing. Therefore, the storage volume is usually the best starting point when requesting a freezer, then depending on the amount of footprint you have to place the freezer, you will have to choose between an upright or chest freezer. Although more efficient and durable, a chest freezer has size constraints by taking away a lot of real estate; it would be difficult to accommodate in highly space-constrained labs. Therefore, it is more common for an upright to be selected, as they usually have cleaner, sleeker designs to fit inside the lab.





The next step is to decide what is more important for your product Ultra-Low storage solution. Product or Raw material protection and recovery are both critical factors. Still, the technology in freezers offers solutions that have a higher focus on one over the other, not to say they don’t provide both. The new design in units like the TWIN GUARD contains redundant refrigeration systems that would allow the unit to maintain temperature even if you have a compressor failure. Then units designed like the VIP-ECO have high recovery rates that keep the unit in parameters at incredible speeds. Both Ultra-Low Freezers are reliable and functional; we believe they have different uses within the industry.



Another great reason to start replacing your older units is energy consumption. The cost of energy has only gone up, and at a pretty undesired rapid rate, as well as some unreliable power grids. Older units have the on/off cycling of a compressor, where the unit is full power than turned off, with considerable high power loads. New natural refrigerants (significantly lower cost refrigerants) and technologies (Variable Speed Compressors) have reduced energy consumption significantly, so much that some of the high-performance units use less power than a lot of home refrigeration units, so when you think of your 20-30 unit biorepository the energy savings are significant. Also, with the low power consumption comes the added benefit of unit power protection; units can now be protected with a small UPS, 2,000 Watts, giving you extra confidence in your product’s protection.

We hope this gives you the guidance on seeking your next cold storage unit. See Caribbean Scientific ULT Freezers here.

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